The F Word

How to Own Your Femininity and Use it to Your Advantage

This book debunks all myths about being feminine! Let's be honest, being feminine is not about wearing dresses, skirts or heels, but more about the essence of our being...what we naturally should exude no matter what attire we have on. This book shows women how to allow their feminine energy to overpower the masculine that tends to creep in (some of us more than others) and learn to control it. Being feminine is not weak, it's actually more powerful than walking around with too much masculine energy. After reading this book, you will understand how being feminine is a way of life and every woman should mask themselves in it no matter how much money she makes!


*Raw, honest truth about the different types of women

*Why women have difficulties controlling their masculine energy

*Why women assume being feminine is weak

*Why men don't mess with masculine women the long way

*The real reason of why some women are overlooked by high value men


Angie is a Relationship Coach, Author, and Speaker. She has a passion for educating women in a very candid way. She likes to call it ‘empowering with an edge’. She is the author of five published books: “Angieology: In My Words”, “20 Beautiful Women Vol. 2”, “The Modern Day Entrepreneur”, “Him and Her/What They Said”, and her newly released book, "The F Word". After being a former "Masculina" herself, she decided to start teaching Black women how to unlearn self-sabotaging behaviors so they can attain loving, sustainable relationships with men they want and desire. She educates women on how to use both feminine and masculine energies to their advantage and create a healthy balance with the two polarities. Angie contributes most of her success to just simply being herself. Her witty, transparent, girl-next-door approach is what draws people to her. 

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